Comprehensive Health Status Check

This is also known as the Periodic Medical Examination. Its components are a thorough medical examination comprising full personal, past and family medical histories; a gynecological screen for women (including Pap smear and mammography when necessary) and a prostate gland screen for men (including PSA); laboratory investigation of blood, urine and stool specimens to assess the functions of the major organs; chest X-ray and lung function test and electrocardiography for the heart.

Other specific investigations such as additional X-rays, ultrasound scanning, CT scanning, echocardiography hormonal assays are carried out only when necessary and at extra cost.

A medical report will be issued stating and explaining the results and advising on measures to be taken to cure or control established disease, prevent disease, or promote and maintain good health.

This health check is recommended as a pre-empowerment requirement for all senior executive and management staff particularly, and for periodic health status surveillance of all established staff.

An annual check is recommended for all senior corporate and professional personal, expert that an X-ray might not be necessary on every occasion.

Family and General Care Services

This clinic is run every day from Monday-Saturday the objective of his service is to diagnose and treat common ailments, advice on preventive care of children and other family members, administer immunizations, identify patients who might require referral to other specialists and follow them up appropriately.

Internal Medicine Services

Internal medicine is the core specialist service for Adult and Adolescents of both sexes. Common problems include Hypertension, Diabetes, Stroke, Ulcers, Cancer, infections and diseases of Nutrition, the Skin and Blood (e.g. sickle cell anemia) Liver, Heart, Lungs (e.g. Asthma) and Kidneys.

Many internal medicine specialists also sub-specialist in particular areas, such as cardiology (heart) dermatology (skin), diabetes, haematology (blood) oncology (cancer) and are consulted when necessary.

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